Apr 17, 2012


Hi, everyone, this is Hina. It's completely spring season in Japan. Cherry blossoms are blooming one after another.

Today's EVERY NEWS is MAZDA car a long time after MPV. I have been seeing DEMIO on TV commercial many times these days because its new model debuted this month(April 2012).
マツダ デミオ


Sometimes I have heard the trouble of power window from 1st and 2nd generation DEMIO users (The newest model is 3rd generation now). Their condition is like the following.

Case 01 A power window can't be closed completely (A window glass moves down a little after it closed successfully).
Case 02 A window glass can up only 2~3 cm at once (It stops though you continue to push a power window switch).

DEMIO's power windows work with regulator motors with wires. Many vehicles have this types for regulator motors. But motors that have been used long time get weaker because of rust, wear,etc. Moreover, rubber gaskets on a lower of a window frame get stiffen. Then motor power yields to the friction of stiffed gaskets and a glass.

If its rubber gaskets get stiffed, window frames have strains, regulator motors may recognizes that something stuck between a window frame and a window glass. This is safety system. Not a fault of regulator motor.

This engine is the new engine manufactured by MAZDA. What is talked about is its compression ratio.

Compression ratio means the ratio of compressed volume of fuel-air-mixture in a cylinder.

The limitation of conventional gasoline engines' compression ratio is "12". If it over the limit, a knock would caused. But SKYACTIVE ENGINE broke the limit. It can up the compression ratio to "13~14" without a knock. "13" is said the ideal compression ratio for a gasoline engine. Then new DEMIO with SKYACTIVE's fuel expenses is 30km/1L.

The best fuel expenses car is still TOYOTA PRIUS(38km/1L), but SKYACTIVE is more simple construction and reasonable engine than PRIUS's TOYOTA Hybrid System.

Its power seems to be lower a little bit than old DEMIO's gasoline engine, but its fuel expenses is pretty great as a gasoline engine without electric motor.

SKYACTIVE should be worthy of note by all over the world.


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  2. Hmmmm Nice cars but I still prefer to buy Japanese used cars! it's cheap and affordable!

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  4. I love the speed performance of this car. Mazda is one of the best Japanese cars ever built.