Apr 9, 2012


Hi, this is Hina Very long time no see, isn't it? Today's topic is TOYOTA PRIUS, one of the best seller TOYOTA vehicles along with COROLLA, HIACE, etc. NHW20 and after models look 5 door-hatchback, but they are categorized in sedan on TOYOTA official website.


The First Production Model of Hybrid Car in the World
PRIUS is really famous as a hybrid car. This drive system is called "TOYOTA HYBRID SYSTEM (THS)".

This system uses an gasoline engine and a motor. So its engine stops when the motor is working. So Prius doesn't have a tachometer and a water temperature meter.

The fuel expenses of the first model is 28.0km/L. This number is overwhelmingly better than other gasoline petrol vehicles fuel expenses. The fuel expenses of newest Prius(DAA-ZVW30) is 38.0km/L. This is No.1 in the world.

Prius S Touring Selection G's (Sport Conversion Grade)

Three Water Pumps
Prius NHW10~20 have 3 water pumps.

(1) a belt working type for cooling an engine
(2) an electric type for cooling an engine
(3) an electric type for cooling an inverter.

An electric water pump for cooling engine sends engine cooling water to a heater even when an engine stops. An inverter is a part that changes an 12V direct current from a car to an alternating current for HID lights, consumer electronics, etc.

Hybrid cars have accessories that gasoline cars don't have, so their mechanical constructions are complicated. It is better to check if all water pumps have no water leaking.

Lastly, this is one of  an engine trouble reports that I heard. an emergency signal on the Hybrid system turned on when the customer was driving a highway. Soon the car decelerated, and stopped completely. In this case, the problem was caused on a water pump. This part stopped during driving, and the engine overheated because of a shortage of cooling water. That shows how these parts are important.

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