Jan 17, 2012


Hi, Long time no see & Happy New Year for everyone. Japan got a terrible disaster last year. We thank you to give us a lot of kind messages. So we really hope anything will get better this year.

Today's topic is HONDA. These days I received many inquiries about HONDA vehicles. I'd like to pick up the one of long seller models of HONDA, ACCORD.

CD3~6 models(1993-1997) and CF3~5,CL1~3 models(1997-2002) were sold as ISUZU Aska also. As may be expected as HONDA Vehicle, one of Accord's sales points is Its strong engine. Its chassis are also highly rated among people who love motor sports. So ACCORD has many racing models.

LEFT: Accord 5ZIGEN / MIDDLE: New Accord / RIGHT: Accord SiR

Sometimes I hear the trouble of door lock. Their main symptoms are here.

Door lock doesn't work though you used a master switch on driver's side and a remote control key.

And followings are causes what I have heard before.

1) Getting weaken of a motor in a door lock actuator.
A door lock actuator is located inside of door. I heard this trouble from some ACCORD users. They said actuator is simple part but brand new price is not cheap. The brand new price of door lock actuator was 105$(when I researched). It is better to check if their door locks work smoothly or not.

Door lock actuator for ACCORD Euro R

2) A trouble in a sensor of door lock
All doors have a sensor to check door open/close. If this sensor got any trouble, Lock signal can't be sent to a control unit correctly.

3) Wires between door lock sensor and a control unit
Same reason as a trouble of door lock sensor. If wires got trouble, lock signal can't be transmitted successfully.

It seems to be a famous trouble among ACCORD Euro R owners that a noise causes once you use a crutch pedal. I couldn't find the specific reason once I did a research this time. Some people said that it was solved with replacing a crutch master cylinder, but another said that he replaced it every years. So I guess a crutch of some models of ACCORD might originally causes noise & vibration easily.

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