Jan 24, 2012


Hi, there. It's snowing in Japan. I drive on icy road to our office everyday.

This week I researched one of NISSAN vehicle, SUNNY. Especially about SUNNY Sedan. Many customers who live in overseas value the durability of this vehicle highly because spare parts for NISSAN seems very rare.

NISSAN SUNNY(1966-2006)

Some users who want high power and swift-moving for their vehicles seems to be unsatisfied with its power even SUNNY has 1500cc engine. But many owners said SUNNY is very easy to drive. One of the reason is that the middle torque is strong. And its front view from driver's seat is very good because of its square body. If you like restful safety driving, SUNNY will be your good partner.

If you look for used SUNNY with good condition in Japan, try to ask your car dealer if they know the last owner of each vehicle. Because SUNNY was popular especially among senior drivers in Japan. So if it was owned as a private car, it might be taken good care.

SUNNY is said very tough, but sometimes I have heard a trouble of its air flow sensor sometimes. The main symptoms are there.

1) Engine stop when driving especially with low speed, idling.
2) Acceleration is not smoothly
3) Idling is unstable

This trouble seems happen on SUNNY which mileage reached around 50,000~80,000km. It is better to check if the vehicle's idling and engine condition is no problem.

In passing, the air flow sensor of SUNNY is a part of throttle chamber assy. So it can't be replaced as this sensor only. In Japan, the brand new price of the throttle chamber assy is FOB 606~658$ at that time.

This part is located in the front space of engine room. The vehicle got heavy damage on front before if a radiator support have any deformation, repairing mark, or it is clearly different color with other engine parts.

You can see bolts of front fenders on right & left side of engine room when you open a bonnet. If these bolts don't have scratches of spanner, it may can say the vehicle never get heavy damage on the front until these bolts were repainted.


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