Oct 11, 2011


Long time no see. The fall is finally coming. Today I picked up one of the very famous SUV, Nissan X-Trail.

X-Trail was produced as a rival of TOYOTA RAV4 & HONDA CR-V. But X-Trail carried through to be an off-road vehicle even other SUV changed their concept to rich machines. After the first model change, X-Trail improved its driving performance and functionality keeping its concept, an off-road SUV. X-Trail has many equipment for out door activity, so very poplar among users who like camp, long driving, off-road driving, etc. From 2007 through 2009, X-Trail was the best seller SUV in Japan.

Nissan X-Trail(2000~)

I sometimes found records about air conditioner(A/C) trouble of X-Trail. Their main symptoms are these.

(1) Wind blow from A/C panel but not cool.
(2) Wind doesn't blow completely.

If relay of A/C compressor have broken, A/C can't send cool air like (1). This trouble have found from some X-trail. Please check the relay if you got trouble in A/C.
In case of (2), don't you hear an loud sound from under the assistant driver's seat? If so, it may trouble of a blower motor. It is electric motor which spin a fan of A/C. If it is broken, it can't send air.

In passing, when you turned on A/C with AUTO mode on a cold day, vehicles don't send air till its water temperature is getting increase. It is to avoid to cool a passenger room, not a breakdown.

If a back door(tail gate) goes down by itself when you open it, its dumper rods may have worn away.

Or, if a back door doesn't close well, lock parts of a door may be deformed because of shock or something. Repairing lock parts only is not so difficult, but I want to ask you to check a distortion of its body frame once you realized such condition.

as you know the main reason of a distortion of frame is a car accident. So if its body frame has distortion, this vehicle may has damages on other important parts even visible body damages had fixed. So please open a back door, and check whether body frame has repair marks, whether it has a distortion between body  & all doors carefully.

After the model change on August 2007, X-trail added the electric control 4WD system. That is a driving assist system that control engine torque, speed at a downhill, break, etc for all load condition. Passenger room are waterproofing type to against dirty. Its luggage board in the luggage space is detachable so that you can wash it. Under the luggage board are trays to put your luggage away with great efficiency. These items are really useful if you work with this vehicle, when you go to out door activity.

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