Sep 13, 2011


Hi there. Yen exchange is getting really heavy for us...Anyway this week I pick up one of the best seller vehicles of TOYOTA, Vitz.

Its design, high quality safe performance, and environmental performance charmed many people, and Vitz brought compact car boom among Japan with HONDA Fit, NISSAN March. Even now they are said "They changed the Japanese small vehicles".

There are seemed many Vitz which had trouble on its engine because of neglect of engine oil replacement. It is possible to break its timing chain or belt if its engine oil haven't replaced at fixed intervals. Breaking timing chain cause serious damage on its engine, and it may costs a lot to repair.

Once you buy Vitz, please try to hear its engine sound carefully. If it has heavy clatter noise, it may one which are neglected engine oil replacement.

If it was heavy to compare engine sounds, please take its engine oil cap off & check backside of it. If it has heavy dirty, it may be possible that the vehicle has been neglected an engine oil replacement.

This 2 check points are not only for Vitz. They may be helpful for any vehicles.

Engine oil for Vitz are 5W-20, 5W-30,10W-30 of API SJ/ILSAC GF-2 or 10W-30 of API SH. Vitz like a low viscosity oil. So 5W series are ideal in Japan products.

Vitz 1999~2005 model (SCP1* or NCP1* ) are sometimes reported trouble of an air flow sensor(air flow meter). Its main symptoms are turning on an engine warning lump during driving, but it turn off once restart engine

This trouble may happen because lean signal is sent longer time than actual and the sensor figure that is warning. Surely in other cases any engine trouble has happened truly. So please check your vehicle carefully once you found that an engine warning lump was turned on.

An air flow meter for Vitz is non-analyzable type. It isn't designed to analyze to cleaning. So I recommend you to replace it once it has trouble though some people have continued to use it cleaning by themselves.


  1. I agree and this Toyota Vitz is one of the Japanese cars should be proud of. Based on my experience, Vitz performs very well!

  2. It is very important to check the specs of the car before purchasing it like Toyota Vitz.

  3. I think I saw a salvaged Toyota Vitz in Salvage Reseller. It's a good car and my heart broke when I saw that it was junked on that website. Anyway if you need parts, I suggest you go to that site and buy it. The site would not ask for any payment, by the way.

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