Nov 25, 2011


Good day, very cold these days in Japan. Winter will be coming soon. It's time to replace studless tires(Winter tires) for our vehicles.

Today's vehicle is TOYOTA's poplar sedan, Mark2. Mark2 has Straight-six engine, which are rare in present Japanese vehicles. This engine type is synonym for a high-class vehicle. You know TOYOTA Crown, NISSAN Cedric Gloria, Mitshubishi Debonair. The advantages of this engine are high power, silence, and toughness. But because of its its size, cost,etc, the number of vehicles which has straight-six engine is getting smaller.

TOYOTA Mark2 Sedan 

As you know the main mechanical of Mark2, Cresta, and Chaser are same till 1996 year model(X100,X110 model). So they can share some parts(Driving parts, suspension parts,etc). That means these parts are easier to get than other vehicles. After the minor change 1998/8, Genuine aluminium wheels was chose a common size with Cresta and Chaser's.

Engine troubles of Mark2 seems to be very rare, but the following trouble seems to cause on some old vehicles. 

1) It is hard to start engine during summer season.
2) Stop easily even it could start.
3) When the temperature is low, there's no problem.

Some owners said their engines can't idle regardless of temperature.

Then replacing igniters & a charcoal canister may help to solve this trouble. A igniter is a part to boost voltage to ignite spark plugs, etc. And a charcoal canister is a part which process vaporized gasoline in a tank. This part is one of a EGR system. If this part have any trouble, or is stuffed, strong gasoline smell will cause. Please check once you purchase it and own it.


  1. My friend has this car and till he not get this problem.

  2. Dear Sir/Madam

    Thank you for your nice comment. I think your friend takes good care of his/her car. As I said Mark2 is very tough car, but all vehicles will get any troubles someday in their lives. I hope all users treat their cars with great care like your friend.

    Thank you