Aug 30, 2011

[EVERY NEWS 01] TOYOTA Townace/ Liteace NOAH

Hi there. I would like to pick up some poplar Japanese vehicles in Africa and introduce some mechanical points that are reported from plural customers in Japan. I hope these information will help you when you look for good vehicles.

I researched first is TOYOTA Townace / Liteace NOAH, one of the most poplar vehicles in Africa.

Townace NOAH/ Liteace NOAH/ NOAH

Rubber parts for against rains
Some early products of Townace NOAH & Liteace NOAH 1996/10~1998/01 model don't have rubber parts for against rains on their back doors. Raindrops come into their cargoes if they don't have this parts. The rubber parts are put on both side of back door, near back door dampers.
(Their shapes are depends on vehicle models)

Slide door
Old slide door cause strange noise or is heavy to open. One of reasons is wear of rollers of rear doors. Rollers has resinous wheels, but if they worn down, metal parts were rubbed with guide rails. It is better to check conditions of slide doors before you buy vehicles.

Electric slide door
Some NOAH have wire-type-electric slide doors. It is easy to install and is reasonable, but in case of Japan, once it was broken, you have to replace slide door assembly. Please use electric slide doors carefully.


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  2. At first Thanks to Author,
    Actually, The Toyota Townace NOAH/ Liteace NOAH/ NOAH is the best.